Parish History

St. Columbanus Parish community began in 1896 with the influx of a large number of Roman Catholics in the area. Archbishop Cleary of Kingston made the decision that Elgin would become a parish. Father Michael Spratt was named its first pastor and assigned the task of building a new church and rectory in Elgin.

A local contractor named Connolly had tradesmen but no work so he made a deal with Father Spratt. The priest would supply the materials and the work would be done at a very low cost.

Land was purchased from Mr. Halladay during the fall of 1896. The parishioners quarried the stone. That winter they moved the stone three miles to the site. Construction began in May 1897. The cornerstone was put in place and blessed August 4, 1897. The total cost to construct the Church and the Rectory was $9,000.00.

The first Mass was celebrated in St. Columbanus Church on Sunday, September 18, 1898. On September 20, 1998, the parish commemorated that milestone in its history with a special Centennial Celebration.